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  1. Personnel and working life
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  1. Cultural studies




Our hotel undertakes to fulfill the obligations of the Turkey Sustainable Tourism Program regarding sustainability and to continuously improve its sustainable management system in order to increase its sustainability performance. Due to the situation of the sector, environmental, social, technological, economic and cultural risks, changes and updates stemming from the legislation, our management system is constantly reviewed, and if necessary, the system and policies are updated.


Our “sustainability policies” are our company's commitment to this issue. From this point of view, all our orientations will be in this intention and direction. Our aim is to transform the sustainability principle into a "business manner" in the basic areas of our hotel and to bring it into the corporate memory. Turning our efforts into success and gaining continuity will only be possible if we act together with our employees, guests, business partners, suppliers, solution partners, and all our interlocutors in our immediate environment and make them a partnership that we will strengthen day by day.

It is very valuable to raise the awareness of the personnel, who are considered as an integral part of the sustainability approach, to provide opportunities for them to be involved in the process and to contribute to development opportunities. In this context, in our annual training plans and orientations; Social rights, supporting local employment, protecting natural life, supporting wildlife, historical touristic places of the immediate environment, cultural richness, ecological diversity, energy and water saving, environmental activities-recycling system, orientation to local resources, etc. Efforts are made to disseminate the sustainability philosophy. The main objective is to provide strategic support to all companies and departments for the improvement of business results through human resources management in line with business strategies, and to contribute to creating value for all stakeholders by creating and promoting a high performance culture. In addition to all these, it is aimed to increase awareness in every sense with orientation training and professional level trainings determined according to annual training needs.


Sustainability studies are under the coordination of Hotel Management, and the evaluation of our activities and performance in this field is always open to the expectations and opinions of our stakeholders.




In our rooms, which have the necessary facilities for our guests to feel comfort and peace;

Hair dryer

Electronic key lock system Direct telephone in rooms

LCD-Satellite television with stand by private

safe with password

Central air conditioning system

Smoke detector linked to the central fire system

Specially insulated door and window system for noise Tea and coffee set

Special hygiene kit is available.



The sustainability team in our facility ensures the implementation of certain policies by all employees on the issues of quality, economy, management, environment, culture, human rights, health and safety of the sustainable management system, setting targets and monitoring whether the targets are achieved or not, and ensures that the business management processes are continuously improved.

If the determined targets are achieved, new targets are determined. If they are not achieved, our targets, policies and practices are reviewed. In this way, we strive to ensure continuous improvement.




All management processes of our hotel constitute the basic framework of a Sustainability Management System (SYS) that can be developed and reveal its policies.

The basis of our management system is based on risk analysis. Risk analysis is carried out under the headings of environment, natural disasters, society, culture, economy, quality, human rights, health and safety. New titles can be added if necessary.

After analyzing the risks, we also have a crisis management policy and system that determines what to do in case of realization of risks.

Sustainable management system includes the implementation of certain policies by all employees on quality, economy, management, environment, culture, human rights, health and safety, the setting of targets and the continuous improvement of business management processes by monitoring whether the targets are achieved or not.

If the determined targets are achieved, new targets are determined. If not achieved, our goals, policies and practices are reviewed. In this way, we strive to ensure continuous improvement.

Due to the situation of the sector, environmental, social, technological, economic and cultural risks, changes and updates stemming from the legislation, our management system is constantly reviewed, and if necessary, the system and policies are updated.



On the way to reach our vision;

To meet the expectations of guests at a high level and to be an organization first in the

sector, To create the philosophy of the establishment with all our personnel, to provide continuous improvement, trust in the workplace and service

that exceeds the expectations of our guests, In accordance with national and international legislation and conditions; To serve with the necessary

sensitivity with a preventive approach to food safety risks, To be an exemplary

business for all other organizations in our country and to create value, To prevent these accidents by minimizing all risks that may endanger the health, life safety and work safety of our guests and

personnel, To make quality measurable. Our primary quality goals are to ensure the continuous improvement of the system, to set goals and to ensure the unity of our

employees and the management, to create environmental awareness with our staff as a hotel, and to leave a cleaner, healthier and safer environment for future generations.



We believe that all of our employees have the right to work in a healthy and safe environment, in working conditions that comply with human dignity. Our employees are our most valuable asset, and ensuring and protecting the safety of our employees is our top business goal.

Our hotel is always ready to support all kinds of initiatives that will help the development and spread of environmentally friendly technologies and implement the best environmental solutions beyond legal obligations and increase environmental awareness. Our social and environmental responsibilities towards the society in Istanbul, where we operate; We take care to comply with our shareholders, our employees, the public, non- governmental organizations and other stakeholders in a harmonious cooperation. We

believe that our human resources are the most important element of sustainable growth.

We ensure that our employees' personal rights are fully and correctly used. We

approach our employees honestly and fairly, and we are committed to a non-discriminatory, safe and healthy

working environment. We make the necessary effort for the personal development of our employees and observe the balance between business life and private life.

We manage the environmental impacts that may arise from all of our activities with a sense of responsibility.


We strive for the development of our society within the framework of the corporate social responsibility principle. We will support our employees to volunteer for appropriate social and social activities that they will take part in with a sense of social responsibility.

We will take care to develop and implement approaches to ensure that all our business partners, especially our suppliers, act in the field of social responsibility. We are also sensitive about providing the necessary on-the-

job training to our employees by experts and within the framework of the annual training program.

We act sensitively to the traditions and cultures of Turkey and the countries in which we operate, and act in accordance with all legal regulations.



Presenting cultural heritage: Our hotel respects the intellectual property rights of local people. Authentic elements of traditional and contemporary local culture are used in our cuisine, design and decoration.

Artifacts: Our hotel does not buy, sell, trade or display historical and archaeological artifacts.


Promotion of sustainable local gastronomy: Our hotel gives priority to the promotion and consumption of local products. It puts forward innovative and creative practices to ensure sustainability in gastronomy in all its activities.




We use our energy efficiently to protect our world from possible dangers and to reduce our energy consumption.

We set goals.

For this;

  • In order to fulfill both our responsibilities towards nature and our legal obligations, 

follows international standards, laws and regulations, reduces energy use and/or

voluntarily carries out studies that will ensure the continuous improvement of our consumption performance, We follow the results of our work.

  • We set targets, and we use energy in our training programs in order to ensure the participation of our we focus on efficiency.
  • Collaboration with all our stakeholders to create common goals and results in energy management We care about doing. We try to maintain our interaction with our guests, employees, visitors and all business partners in order to reach a level of awareness and consciousness on these issues.
  • Researching and finding, purchasing and investing in energy efficient suitable products, equipment, equipment and technology we try to use.
  • Documenting our Energy Management System, disseminating it to all our departments,We aim to update, review and continuously improve.
  • Evaluates energy risks or emergencies that may arise such as energy constraints, and measures that can be taken. we plan.
  • We take care to effectively separate our wastes according to their source, groups and hazard
  • We know that using dangerous substances and chemicals only when needed and as needed will reduce both the negative effects on the environment and the amount of waste, 
  • By choosing those with “recycling” and “environmentally friendly” labels in the materials we buy in our business, we protect We contribute to protection. We try to create opportunities for reuse,
  • By using disposable materials such as paper, napkins, toilet paper, packaging as much as necessary, we take care to leave less waste,
  • Stores waste correctly in separate areas according to their characteristics, without exceeding the legal storage time We keep their records by delivering them to licensed/authorized companies,
  • We try to use water, energy and all natural resources Our employees express this sensitivity, We share it with our guests and suppliers.
  • Measures our performance in environmental management, monitors this data with targets and evaluates our we try to improve.
  • We aim to educate our employees about the environment and increase their


The most important target criterion in purchasing is to minimize waste and. It is to ensure continuity in purchasing. 

Goods-acceptance practices to be implemented in the establishment within this target;


  • Reusable items, returnable items or non-recyclable items at the time of purchase Organic products that will not create waste will be preferred.
  • Instead of disposable products and consumables such as glasses, cutlery, and boucle materials, reusable, refillable, if none is possible, the least harmful to the environment and recyclable products will be preferred.
  • If the purchase of disposable products and consumables is mandatory (eg cleaning materials, stationery products, ), the purchase, use and recycling of these products will be carefully monitored and managed.
  • Instructions and instructions on how to recycle disposable products and reduce the use of disposable products will be trained on this subject. • The products such as disposable plastic bottles, cardboard cups, packaged products will be

removed gradually in the rooms, and the determination of the targets for the termination of the applications such as the packaging of the used food products and other materials, and the monitoring and reporting of the compliance process with these targets will be discussed at the management review meetings.

  • It is important to avoid unnecessary packaging when Paper and plastic cups, plates, forks, spoons, water in plastic bottles, etc. Glass and metal products with reusable features will be preferred instead of products. 
  • Frequently used items (for example, surface cleaners) should be packed in larger sizes instead of smaller The amount of plastic waste that will be generated by taking it in packages will be reduced.
  • Production of necessary goods and products from products that do not harm nature and the environment, priority is recycled and eco-labeled products.
  • Environmentally certified, especially in terms of wood, paper, fish, other foods and products from the wild products and suppliers will be preferred.
  • Origin and methods of growth or production where certified products and suppliers are not available will be taken into account.
  • Threatened species are not used or sold. • Procurements

that will endanger the generation of plant and animal products will be avoided. • Environmentally certified products will be preferred. • Procurement and purchase of all

goods (materials, raw materials, finished and semi-finished products), in accordance with Food Laws and Regulations, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Health, Sanitation Law and regulations, and purchasing that has the necessary documents in accordance with TSE Hygiene and Sanitation Systems. It will be made from suppliers that comply with the standards and their products with the relevant certificates. • Purchase from local vendor within 100

km to promote local fair trade will be done.

  • Procurement will be made from a list of approved suppliers and local companies that have been subject to the necessary audits. • Firms supplying goods and products will be audited periodically. • The

cleaning, hygiene materials and protective equipment supplied must have CE Certificate.

attention will be paid.

  • Suppliers that adopt fair trade practices in agriculture in foodstuffs will be given • By the authorized company regarding the use of all chemical products supplied to the relevant persons.

Information training will be planned.

  • Permission documents of the Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry for all food products will be obtained from the supplier companies and stored in

the computer environment. • MSDS Safety data sheets of pesticides, disinfection and chemical products used in the kitchen will be procured from suppliers and stored in a computer environment. • Safe

physical distance rules will not be violated during the acceptance of goods. • Our

personnel working in receiving goods will take personal protective and contamination measures. (Mask, visor, gloves, apron, hand hygiene, etc.) Necessary planning will be made in order to prevent agglomerations and accumulations in the acceptance of goods in accordance with the measures.

  • The products that will be given directly to consumption and guest use together with the goods acceptance (receipt) will be able to be put into use after being taken out of their boxes, after being disinfected in detail. • Kitchen tools

and equipment, steel service sets, glass and porcelain service sets, etc. purchased for the first time. Washable materials will be taken to the equipment warehouse for use after being washed with a dishwasher before being put to use. 

  • Waste and returned products will be placed on hold in the waste and return area in a controlled manner and delivered to the supplier



In our business, we protect the environment, prevent its pollution, and give importance to its protection by reducing our negative effects on the environment.


For this; We comply with legal regulations and try to reduce our environmental impact.

  • Take care to effectively separate our wastes according to their source, groups and hazard we show.
  • We know that using dangerous substances and chemicals only when needed and as needed will reduce both the negative effects on the environment and the amount of waste. We try to create opportunities for reuse, • We use disposable

materials such as paper, napkins, toilet paper, packaging as much as necessary, and we take care to leave less waste to the nature, • We store the wastes correctly, in separate areas according to their characteristics, and to licensed/authorized

companies without exceeding the legal storage time limits. We keep the records by delivering them, • We try to use water, energy and all natural resources economically. We share this

sensitivity with our employees, guests and suppliers. • We measure our performance in environmental management, monitor this data with targets and try to improve our performance. • We aim to train our employees about

the environment and increase their sensitivity.



In order to protect our workplace, employees, guests and suppliers, to create a safe work environment and to ensure continuity;

  • We comply with all legal and other obligations regarding Occupational Health and  Adhering to

the principle that Occupational Health and Safety and improvement activities are the common responsibility of all employees.

we adopt.

  • We set targets for participation at all levels in Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction 
  • To achieve the sustainable goal of “Zero Occupational Accident” by continuously improving our Occupational Health and Safety culture. we aim.
  • We share our work within the scope of occupational health and safety with all our employees and our environment in order to be a pioneer and an example.



We attach importance to gender equality in our business.

  • We ensure the health, safety and welfare of all our employees, regardless of
  • We support the participation of women in the workforce in all our departments and offer equal
  • We act with the policy of “equal pay for equal work” without gender
  • We distribute tasks by considering the principle of
  • We provide the necessary environment for equal use of career
  • We create education policies, support women's participation and increase awareness. • We create a working environment and practices that maintain the work-family life balance.
  • We support women to be in company management and offer equal
  • Women should not be subjected to any form of abuse, harassment, discrimination, suppression, coercion, slander, exposed to situations


We won't let it stay. Always be aware of the value they add to the world and our institution, and

We support your assets.



Children are the relics of the future to us. Recognizing them as individuals, respecting their rights, all kinds of psychological, physical, commercial, etc. It is our primary responsibility to watch over and protect against exploitation.

To ensure this;

  • We do not allow child labor in our own institutions, and we do the same for all our business partners. We expect precision.
  • Contribute to the development of children within the enterprise, expressing their thoughts, wishes and feelings comfortably We offer environments/opportunities where they can feel free and comfortable. • We train our

employees on the prevention and recognition of child abuse.


  • We make sure that children are under adult supervision in the activities they participate •

Organizes trainings and participates in related projects to raise awareness on the protection of children's rights.

we support.

  • When we witness suspicious activities related to children, we first inform the hotel management and ask for help from official institutions when necessary.





compliance, Our hotel undertakes to comply with the applicable laws, regulations and international agreements, maintains an up-to-date list of these and regularly informs its personnel about them, and provides the necessary training to the personnel.

Our hotel presents all necessary permits, certificates and documents to the relevant persons and institutions, if asked or requested to submit it.


These documents, Business Opening and Working License, last month's personnel insurance statement, tax plate, emergency action plan, personnel trainings and certificates, contract with the workplace doctor, sewer connection certificate obtained from the municipality, documents regarding pest control and other necessary documents. are documents.



Stakeholders and communication

Our hotel gives accurate information to all segments of the promotion. Always uses real visual material in promotion. Our hotel has a transparent and realistic structure in terms of its products and services on its website, social media accounts and other printed and written promotion channels and marketing communications. At the same time 

It shares its actions and transactions regarding policy and sustainability with its employees and customers in an open and transparent manner. To do this, our hotel's website is used. Periodic reports on sustainability performance are published on our website. These reports are prepared in appropriate periods.

Our hotel has a system that aims to receive feedback from our customers, public institutions, municipalities, employees, local people and all other relevant persons and institutions regarding our sustainability performance, policies and practices. Through this system, we receive feedback from both our staff and customers.

Our system is designed to enable and encourage our customers and staff to provide feedback quickly, simply and effectively.

This system includes survey applications for guests, regular monitoring of social media accounts, e-mail, messaging services and other communication channels for employees, and e-mail communication for all other stakeholders and their regular follow-up.



Experience At our hotel, customer satisfaction is given importance. Customer satisfaction includes feedback from the system described above regarding sustainability. The results obtained are analyzed. Negative feedback and responses to it are recorded and necessary action is taken.



Our hotel is committed to providing accessible tourism services for everyone within its means, and informs its customers and stakeholders about the level of accessibility clearly and accurately through its website.

Our hotel is also committed to full compliance with the legal regulations regarding accessibility and to continuous improvement in this regard.

We strive to make continuous improvements not only for the physically handicapped, but also for our guests who cannot participate in tourism activities due to disabilities such as vision and hearing.

Our hotel regularly maintains and repairs accessibility arrangements and infrastructure, and provides improvements if necessary. In addition, we regularly inform our employees about accessibility.



Our purchasing policy includes policies for local, environmentally friendly, fair trade and efficient purchasing. 

Our hotel monitors our goods and services resources. We hold regular meetings with our suppliers. We check their sustainability certificates, information and documents.

Local procurement: Our hotel gives priority to local suppliers when purchasing goods and services, provided that they are of good quality and reasonably priced. For this reason, it regularly audits its suppliers, updates the supplier list and informs its suppliers. The ratio of goods and services received from the people of the region is measured.

While purchasing goods and services, our hotel also gives priority to fair trade suppliers for imported products, provided that they are of good quality and reasonably

priced. Environmentally friendly purchasing: Our hotel follows an environmentally friendly policy in purchasing, giving importance to efficient purchasing, energy saving and water saving in order to reduce food and solid waste.

Our hotel gives priority to environmentally friendly products (products with environmental labels) in its purchases. If there are no environmentally labeled products in the product group to be purchased, it selects the relevant products, production and all other processes from suppliers and manufacturers that do not harm the environment.

In this context, our hotel prioritizes the selection of suppliers with sustainability certificates while making its purchases. Sample certificates that can be sought from suppliers are ISO14001, ISO50001, ISO14064, ISO20400.

Environmentally certified (FSC, MSC, AB-EcoLabel, etc.) or traceable products are preferred for wood, fish, paper and other foods.

Threatened species and species that are forbidden to be sold (fish, trees, plants, game animals, etc.) are not taken or used in our hotel. The ratio of our purchases

from environmentally certified, local producers and suppliers and fair trade suppliers to total purchases is measured.

Our hotel has targets for environmentally certified, local and fair trade procurement. In this context, we aim and pay attention to increase the ratio and number of local and fair trade suppliers in our purchases.

Efficient purchasing: Our purchasing policy favors reusable, returnable and recycled goods.

Our hotel also gives priority to bulk purchase and bulk product purchase. In this way, fewer shipments are made to our hotel and less greenhouse gas emissions are produced.

The absence of unnecessary and excessive plastic, nylon, paper, glass, wooden packaging in the products arriving at our hotel is our main priority and preference.

Disposable products and unnecessary packaging (especially plastic) are avoided in the purchase of consumables and amenities. The purchase and use of consumables and disposables is monitored and managed.


Energy and environment

Energy saving: Our hotel has an energy saving policy. The policy includes regular measurement, monitoring and reduction of energy consumption.

The total energy used in our hotel is measured by type.

Our hotel identifies activities with high energy consumption, plans and implements measures for them (heat insulation systems, preference of low consumption devices among energy consumption class devices, use of led bulbs instead of high energy consumption lighting such as incandescent, etc.). In addition, our hotel uses energy-saving equipment.


Our hotel informs and trains its employees and stakeholders on energy saving.

Water management and wastewater

Water saving measures are implemented in our hotel. All shower heads have a parlor. The water risk

situation has been determined in the area where our hotel is located. For this, the Water Risk Atlas prepared by the World Resources Institute is used. The link to the relevant website is here


In the risk analysis, the water risk was also evaluated and a water management plan was made. This plan includes targets and reports for measuring and monitoring water use and reducing water consumption.

Due to the water use activities of our hotel, the creatures living in waters such as sea and lake are not harmed. Nevertheless, the possibility of harming these creatures has been evaluated in the risk analysis and necessary precautions have been taken. Our hotel complies with all legal requirements and regulations in the use of water.

The water comes from a legal and sustainable source. Our water comes from mains water.

We measure our water consumption. The total water used per guest or overnight is calculated and reported.



Water-saving equipment is used in our hotel. Our hotel uses good practices such as changing sheets and towels upon guest request.

Our hotel informs and guides its employees and stakeholders about water saving.

Our hotel mobilizes all its resources so that its waste water does not harm the environment.

The regulations determined by the local government are followed for the disposal of waste water. Legal requirements are complied with in this regard.

Food waste and solid

waste Our hotel has a Solid Waste Management Plan. The plan includes regular measurement and monitoring of waste generation, waste reduction, reuse, recycling and waste disposal.

Solid wastes are separated according to their types such as food, recyclable, toxic/hazardous and organic, while recycling and reuse conditions are taken into consideration. 

Our hotel informs and guides its employees and stakeholders on waste management regularly with various visual and communication materials.

Solid wastes separated according to their types in our hotel are collected by authorized and licensed companies.

Solid waste, including food waste, is measured by type. In our hotel, the amount of solid waste per guest or overnight is calculated and reported.

Our hotel has also identified activities and risk areas where solid waste generation is high. It plans and implements corrective measures to reduce food waste and waste.

It is aimed that solid waste disposal will not have a negative impact on the local population or the environment. Compliance with the "Zero Waste Regulation" related to solid waste management is ensured.



Being aware of the fact that the natural resources we use, the immediate environment and region we interact with, and the great family we have formed with our employees have a great impact on our corporate success and the experiences we give to our guests, we adopt a management approach to review our responsibilities at every stage. In this direction, we have created an "Environmental Policy" for the protection and continuity of the environment we live in, and we aim to improve our current situation day by day by planning our business processes accordingly and analyzing the results. To achieve this goal;

  • Complies with applicable environmental laws, regulations, legislation and regulations and fulfills all their requirements; We carry out our activities by constantly improving ourselves and ourselves. • With

the understanding of social responsibility brought by our brand, we have made it our duty to take a primary role in raising the awareness and continuity of our internal customers, namely our staff, our guests and local people, and to take and implement decisions in this direction.

  • Collaborating with our suppliers, without compromising on quality, with a win-win understanding, We add value within the framework of the management systems we implement in our

It is of great importance for us to protect the environment, to deliver it to future generations in a clean and healthy way and to contribute to the preservation of the ecological balance. • Believing in the

continuity of education, we ensure that environmental awareness is adopted not only by our employees but also by our guests, and we contribute to environmental protection projects by cooperating with local governments. • By preventing

environmental pollution, it is one of our goals to recycle the wastes in question to a large extent.

  • Our efforts to comply with the current International and National legal regulations and the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard, to minimize the pollution that may arise as a result of our activities, and to use natural resources correctly; to share with our employees, guests, suppliers and the community; It is our priority to set targets for continuous improvement, to carry out the necessary research, project design and implementation on the principles of protecting biodiversity and the efficient use of energy cycle.


Staff participation

In our spirit, the most important resource that makes us who we are is our employees. Being aware of this, issues such as social and fringe benefits, performance management, rewarding, training and career management, employee safety are always our priority. Our

Human Resources Vision; To create a qualified human resource that is highly motivated, protects and raises the corporate image, emphasizes innovative works, attaches importance to service and sees its work as a part of a whole, and to be a pioneer in the sector, in Turkey, with integrated human resources practices. Our

Human Resources Mission; - To plan and train the human resources that will realize the goals and strategies of the institution, to carry out the personnel work and transactions at the optimum level, to have personnel with high self-confidence who are specialized in their field, have the ability to represent the institution and can reveal new initiatives in their field.

- To provide strategic support to all companies and departments for the improvement of business results with the human resources management in line with the business strategies of the Group, to contribute to the creation of value for all stakeholders by creating and promoting a high

performance culture. Our employees know what to do in our management system and our sustainability policies and practices. What our employees should do is defined in writing, communicated to them, and necessary training and guidance are provided regularly. Trainings on this subject are recorded. Our employees take an active role in the development and

continuous improvement of our management system and sustainability performance. We review and improve our system in line with the feedback

from our employees.

Fair pricing

The wages, working conditions, working hours that our employees will receive before they start working at our facilities,

They are informed on issues such as when they will receive their wages.


Education and Career Management

All of our employees can benefit from the right to education equally. In addition to the legal and vocational training required by the hotel industry, orientation trainings are included in line with our sustainability policies and management system; Periodic training programs on sustainability and work areas, on-the-job trainings, trainings and guidance support required by legal regulations for employees is given. Occupational Health and Safety trainings, Kitchen/service/massage etc. hygiene trainings for personnel, water and energy saving, chemical substance use rules, fire protection, first aid, etc. We implement annual training plans on Our employees have free

and open access to all our training materials.

Our hotel undertakes to comply with the relevant provisions of the Labor Law No. 4857 and gives at least minimum wage to the employee. In addition, our hotel undertakes to comply with the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510 and the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331.

Employee and Human Rights

Ensuring absolute satisfaction of employees is a priority issue. With this perspective,

employee's legal rights, including some benefits that our business provides as fringe benefits

including; work environment, psychology, self-motivation, performance, in short, all aspects of the workplace.

Ensuring comfort is the responsibility of the management. The number of foreign national employees in our hotels

However, it is a business that caters to guests from different nationalities and provides service at an international level.

nationality, race, language, etc. for our guests or guests. make the distinction between both hotel and work

It is against our principles. Therefore, all personnel of our employees from different countries or nationalities

transactions are followed in accordance with legal procedures, and equal opportunities are offered to all our employees, regardless of their characteristics, within the hotel. 



Operating in all stages of the service provided by our hotel until it reaches the final consumer,

In addition to the fact that processes and businesses comply with all international, national and local laws that are in the public interest, social compliance is also observed by controlling social, physical and environmental conditions.

In order to increase the motivation of all our employees and to keep the team spirit alive,




  • Distributing gifts and souvenirs on special days, 
  • Giving importance to the timely payment of salaries and employee progress payments,
  • The practice of giving gifts to employees who get married and have children,
  • Blood donation campaign,
  • Participatory social responsibility
  • Compliance with the law and other obligations
  • Prevention of child labor
  • Employing foreign national workers
  • Prevention of forced and compulsory labor
  • Working hours
  • Regular employment
  • Prevention of discipline, harassment and ill-treatment • Payments and benefits
  • Prevention of discrimination
  • Ensuring occupational health and safety 
  • Prevention of environmental pollution




We are aware of our duty to protect local culture and values. In this context;

  • Cultural Promotion
  • Contributing to the Commercial Volume of the Region • Promoting Natural and Historical

Riches • We have a high level of sensitivity in carrying out studies on the employment of local people and being involved in activities.


Communication with local people 

Through facility managements and their designated representatives; • Strengthening local

employment, • Increasing local awareness, • Protection of local resources and opportunities, • Protection of historical and cultural assets, •

Cooperation in the region, • Supporting efforts to promote the

region, • Hotel associations, municipalities, regional offices in solving important issues and problems that may affect

the region. Negotiations are made with mukhtars and official authorities, and the needs are determined and joint studies are ca





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